VRspies Podcast is Returning Sunday October 9th 2016

We pride ourselves on being very open and honest with the fantastic community that support us, we feel that operating the VRspies in a transparent way is the least we can do.

The team have been away for a while, in a recent post we explained that the podcast had lost it’s shine a little. Well with some time to think, the team regrouped, we argued a bit, Greig called some of us a bunch of “Old Women” and then – after some hugging and high fiving – we settled on a format that is not so dramatically different from the original after all.

We are relaunching this Sunday!

Time: 9pm UK, 10pm Europe, 3pm US Central. So, no change, it works for most of us and our viewers.
Frequency: Every 2 weeks. This gives us time to come up with a solid agenda, get guest slots filled and avoid any repetition of subjects (<cough> teleportation sucks <cough>).
Duration: ~1 hour. This is changed from the original ~2 hour marathon. Don will be host and keeping it punchy and without too much topic drift.
Format: Webcam. Yep I know, we said that the majority of the team were not that keen on the webcam format, but the followers of the podcast liked it better than game and chat format, the shorter duration made it a bit more manageable for some of us.
Presenters: Maybe a few less than normal but the majority have committed to get on the podcast regularly. This Sunday should be pretty full + Game Hard is back and badder than ever.

So all that remains is to thank you for sticking with us while we fine-tuned things. Don has been chaffing at the bit to get the podcast back on the road and I am sure it will be better than ever!

WANT TO AVOID MISSING OUR LIVE STREAM? – of course you do – so head to YouTube, subscribe to VRspies and hit the little bell icon to turn on notifications. If you have the YouTube gaming app then you can also get notifications direct to your phone of live streams starting.


One thought on “VRspies Podcast is Returning Sunday October 9th 2016

  • October 7, 2016 at 11:19 pm

    This all sounds great to me. I made my opinions clear on the forums about what I thought worked, and why I enjoyed the webcam version a little more (not to say I didn’t enjoy the other format too).

    I know it takes a lot of effort from all of you to put on a live stream and allow us, the ones in the chat, to comment on certain subjects, and I’m sure it isn’t easy to organise. So it’s appreciated you do this so we can hear your opinions on certain VR related news stories while we all have a good talk in the chat room.

    Every 2-weeks sounds good to me too. It allows more news stories to build up and gives you all a bit of rest I guess!

    Looking forward to it.

    All the best.

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