Can you lose weight using VR? We are going to try! VR Fitness Series Week 1 – BoxVR

So today I am starting a new weekly fitness series using VR with my wife Stacey. We have both decided enough is enough and we want to lose weight and get fit, but the problem is we have no time in our busy lives to go to the gym and working out. Recently I have been seeing stuff in the press about people using VR as a means of losing weight and after discussing this with Stacey we both decided to give it a try! So with this in mind we are going to pick a different game every week going forward and each dedicate 30 minutes per day to playing it with the intention of getting in a cardio workout by doing so.


For the first week we have chosen the recently released BoxVR. This is indeed a fitness app and really kicked out butts the first few times we tried it. Overall the game is great and we both really enjoyed the workout it gives! BoxVR in itself is fun and very challenging. The graphics and music were a nice touch to really keep us pumped up and wanting to come back for more. We did encounter a few glitches here and there such as words getting stuck on the screen or the entire game freezing from time to time but these were few and far between and didn’t really hinder us from achieving the goal of using BoxVR to work out with. The one thing I wish the game did have was the ability to set it up for multiple users…. Even though we logged in from 2 separate Oculus accounts to which had the game installed but on the same computer, it did not track our stats individually! So developers if you are going to position your game as a fitness app then please consider adding this ability as multiple people in one household may want to use it together.


Well that’s all for this week but we will be back next week with a recap of how we did during our first week with BoxVR and will be choosing a new game to play for week 2. If you have any suggestions on what we should play next or just some words of encouragement for us to keep going please let us know in the comments below!



If you have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive want to play BoxVr for yourself you can grab a copy here:

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