Code Name: UKRifter
Real Name: Christopher Gray
Age: 40 something
Sex: Male
Status: Married
Last Known Location: UK
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful
Favorite Beer: Blue Moon
Dream Car: Ariel Atom
Favorite Quote: “When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did.”
Celebrity Crush: Bjork
Description of self: Charmingly befuddled, self deprecating Englishman who like Virtual Reality, 3D printing & being a Dad.

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Mentions in the wild:

Flying Aces (Voice Actor)
Mervils VR (PC, PS4) (Voice Actor)
Starfighter Arduxim (Voice Actor)
Arch Virtual
Bolverk Games (+ here)
Guided Meditation VR
Darryl Dempsey
Bin Software

The Nicest Things People Have Ever Said 😉

A collection of quotes from the interwebs about UKRifter

“… I subscribed and have spent the last 2 days (into the wee hours of the morn) watching his vids. He’s the Charlie Brooker of VR and I’m besotted.” – Chris C

“The second he starts obnoxiously screaming for no reason like most popular you tubers is the day I stop watching his videos forever, his videos are great imo no need for change at all.” – Daniel Mallog

 “It is a a rare occurrence that the first second of a video makes me press the Like button. 🙂 This was one of those moments.” – Asher Taz

“I just got off work and watched this …to the end ….I am humbled by your shout out , I got palpitations… Wow man ….seriously dude ,I’m welling up for real lol …. no watching the edit for me, Great review Chris :)” – Zarran1