The Creepiest VR Job Training Sim Ever! – KFC’s The Hard Way

OK… so this has to be the creepiest job training sim that I have ever seen.Some of you might remember that a while ago there was some buzz in the press that KFC had released a Virtual Reality training simulation for new employees to teach them the basics of making Original Recipe chicken.

When I first read about this I of course didn’t really believe that it was true, well that was until KFC sent me a copy. After running it for the first time I had to just sit there and giggle a bit thinking if KFC was really using this in their locations for training purposes that new employees would have either thought they were now employed by the coolest company ever, or that they might want to run for the door. To my surprise KFC recently decided to release it as a free experience on the Oculus store and I’m glad they did so that others can finally see just how cool and creepy the game actually is.

In The Hard Way players are kidnapped by an extremely creepy Colonel Sanders and then locked in an escape room where they must learn how to make the restaurants signature chicken in order to get out. For an application like this, the game is polished and in no way what one would expect from a restaurant chains training deck. The graphics and sound are good and there is a lot of dark humor in this one to keep the player engaged and amused.

If you are looking for something to waste about 10 minutes on then give The Hard Way a look… It’s free so what have you got to loose other than your sanity!



You can grab a copy of the Hard Way here:


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