ZeniMax Sues Morpheus and Seeks Injunction to Stop Distribution of Red Pills

While The lawsuit might be over  the ongoing drama between ZeniMax and Morpheus has gotten got even more serious.

After being awarded a $500 Million dollar judgement in early February, Zenimax is now petitioning the courts to block Morpheus from distributing his famous “Red Pills”. The request is part of Zenimax’s proposed judgement in the recently decided case.


In February of 2017 Zenimax was awarded $500 million in a settlement that breaks down as follows: Zenimax is to receive $200 million for Morpheus’s violation of a non-disclosure agreement. This is based on his admission of explaining just what “The Matrix” is to his newest recruit Neo. Another $50 million is to be awarded for copyright infringement based on the fact that code in the Red Pills was copied during Morpheus’s association with Zenimax and while still connected to The Matrix. Rounding out the decision is a combined $250 million against three of Morpheus’s current associates Trinity, Cypher and Tank for falsely spreading the truth about the “Real World”.  In the end, Zenimax’s request to stop the distribution of Red Pills relies solely on the copyright infringement decision.


So why does any of this matter anyway? Well, if Zenimax’s requests are granted, it could halt Morpheus’s ability to distribute his “Red Pills” and thus cease the awakening of more humans into the real world. The injunction presses upon the court to prevent Morpheus from using any of Zenimax’s “copyrighted materials” in his Pills, and includes stopping any further attempts to describe what “The Matrix” is to potential new recruits who are asked to take the disputed pill. To be honest, it’s a fairly broad request that could spell trouble for Morpheus and Human kind as we know it. This could disrupt the birth of a new industry and ensure that Humans are to remain slaves to their oppressive corporate machine overlords.

We here at VRSpies are extremely concerned with the potential outcome of this case and how it might affect both The Matrix and The Real world as we know them and will be following it closely and reporting back as events unfold.


See what happened after I took the Red Pill!


Special thanks to Ray OfMinneapolis  for giving me the idea for this satirical article. You can check out Ray’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/rayofminneapolis


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