The VRspies Podcast is Changing

The VRspies is a small organisation (ripe for acquisition, hint, hint) of friends and sadly not a multinational conglomerate with our own fleet of private jets and offices in Paris, London & New York (yet).

They reason I mention this is because we found each other through a) our love of VR & b) our genuine friendship. This is not some engineered boy-bandesque group. We love doing what we do because of those 2 core reasons.

The VRspies is a name given to this group of friends and it is a sanctuary for us, we put in a lot of effort but – naturally – it has to come at a lower priority to our day jobs, family and all the other things that spring up and kick you square in the nether regions from time to time. We found that in the pursuit of growing the VRspies brand we lost site of the reason we started in the first place.

This is not a break-up

The VRspies is sacrosanct to us. It is the name we give to our group of friends and this announcement is not a break-up, however, we do need to make some changes so that we can have fun and this sense of fun permeates into how we communicate with the VR community. Otherwise it become fake.

Website – we will continue to publish articles, the frequency will continue to be spasmodic, some of the team love to write and some are less interested and that is 100% fine.

Forum – we are tremendously proud of this and it will remain a strong focus for the team, we love the community building there.

Podcast – As the website and forum are supported by the team in an ad-hoc manner, the podcast became the focus of concern for many of us. It take a lot of time to research agenda items, plan interviews with developers and then spend upwards of 2 hours on a “school night” when most people would want to be relaxing. We understand the the structure of the podcast was starting to work well (mainly for the devs we promoted free of charge), but it came at a cost, not everyone in the team enjoyed the structured approach and the cracks started to appear in how it was run and attended. In the end we had an honest chat (as friends) and decided that things had to change to a more dynamic and fun format. Much like the early “VRbros” format of old.

  1. We change the format to be “game & chat” rather than webcam. Pretty much exactly like this. WHY? Because we each have limited free-time and don’t like being in front of the camera, we do like playing VR.
  2. Each VRspy will stream to their OWN channel NOT the VRspies channel with the exception of special events, i.e. live trade shows, important VRspies updates. WHY? Because we get WAY more viewers this way, between us we have 10’s of thousands of subscribers. We are able to promote what we do to a broader audience.
  3. Timeslot remains the same ~9pm UK time Sunday, 10pm Europe, 3pm Central US.
  4. We may create, or with the help of the community, a “super edit” of our individual streams which would be shared on the VRspies channel after each session.
  5. The audio podcast will keep being published, however, as the casts will now have a strong visual appeal (ahem) in the form of the game, it may not translate to audio so well.

The webcam format podcast MAY come back in the situation where we secured funding from the industry in some way, either through ads or paid transfer of the podcast under another banner, this would clearly be for the benefit of the VRspies.

As different team members will be on each Sunday, we suggest you subscribe (and set notifications on) for each of our channels.

Thank you for your continued support. We are looking forward to having more fun again.

If you need reminding of how much fun our team can have, just remember the time Billy tried to review the Game “Water bears” when he clearly hadn’t played it.