Rollerforce Introduces a New Genre in VR – Rollercoaster Shooter

Rollerforce introduces a new genre to VR that you probably didn’t know you wanted.

Rollercoaster Shooter

Admittedly Drew Medina & Ricci Franklin from HeadTrip games describe it as

An arcade survival rail shooter on Rollercoaster tracks

But let’s face it lads, my genre description is much more catchy.

Jumping into the game I found myself immediately enjoying a low poly, beautifully sculpted and immensely scaled rollercoaster environment. In my hands I welded a pair of not insignificant looking ray guns. ¬†Shooting at the “start” target I was accelerated down the launch tube and out into the vast field of meteors. The rollercoaster thrill-ride alone was enjoyable enough to justify the measly price-tag (I will get to that), but the shooting and catastrophic explosions were certainly the icing on a delicious cake.


The price you ask, HeadTrip games plan to release this “Next Week” for an extremely reasonable $5.99.

For this very fair price you get a really fun casual game that, when you consider the simple gameplay coupled with stunning visuals, is bound to be a go-to VR demo for visiting friends and family, not to mention a great way to let of steam.

Pure fun.