VR Mini-Meetup in Springfield, MO

Springfield’s First!

Today at 6:30pm cst Don Hopper (VRGamerDude) and Caleb Eubanks (RealityCheckVR) will be hosting a small VR gathering located at ‘The Nerd Store’ on north Glenstone here in Springfield, MO.
During the event, people will be experiencing demos in the Oculus Rift DK2, Samsung GearVR, & CardboardVR. Other devices such as the LEAP Motion controller, Saitek X-52 Hotus, and the Razer Hydra will also be available to demo.
We expect to have a small but fun crowd of enthusiasts and noobs joining us and we look forward to seeing the community in AltSpaceVR and VRChat during 6:30-10pm!


Keep a look out for an update on how the event went! We will be taking video and pictures during the entire event. Also, it is possible that we may be streaming on and off throughout the night so take a look at our YouTube channels!

Thanks to all of those who give us their support!

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