Arcade Racer DISTANCE Blew my mind in VR

Distance is a very beautiful Arcade Racer with Tron-esque visuals and has Beta VR support. I have browsed past this title many times on Steam. Every time I would look at the visuals and watch the attached videos and always end up moving on as the game appeared to only support a 3rd person perspective and the entry price of 14.99 GBP seemed a bit steep .

I want to be in the game, I want to feel like I am behind the wheel and through the power of VR be transported to new lands. At first glance it appeared that Distance would not be the game for me however…. Yesterday on my daily browse through Oculus Reddit I came across a post that indicated that Distance did indeed support a first person perspective, the thread also stated that Distance has support for the Logitech G27?. My mind was made up ….I made the plunge and purchased Distance.


Immediately I was wowed by the cyber styled visuals, the hard Techno audio tracks also feel right at home. Distance is proper stunning!! It is hard to understand how it still carries the “Beta” tag as everything feels so polished and to top it off my Logitech Race wheel was indeed supported with full Force Feedback and intuitively mapped controls. Peripheral support really does add to the experience though the lack of an “in game” steering wheel does add a slight disconnect. Distance is so much fun and for me 100% worth the price. This is a true arcade classic I highly recommend picking it up.

Feel free to check out the accompanying video of my first impressions below:

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