Exploring an Alien Planet in VR “THE SOLUS PROJECT”

The earth is on the eve of annihilation and you are sent to explore a distant planet. After years of interstellar travel you arrive but the landing goes terribly wrong.
Your entire team are wiped out and your equipment destroyed, you are stranded with no comms. Earth may already be gone… you are completely alone.


The Solus Project is a single player explore and survive experience, you play in first person and the game has virtual reality support built in. The Solus Project is built using  Unreal Engine 4 & looks absolutely stunning. The game’s environments are very atmospheric & fully dynamic, including a full day/night cycle as well as a weather system that calculates temp/humidity/wind. Storms will form & earthquakes will shake the planet. You will need your Witt’s about you to survive the extreme climate,tornadoes,storms, meteors & not to mention the dark secrets that lurk below the planets surface.

I cant wait for this one to be released and we dont have long to either as The Solus Project will be out on Steam February 2016 as an early access title. With the added VR support, exploring the planets surface & dark eerie cave systems seems like an even more appealing prospect. With titles like this the future is looking bright for virtual reality.

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