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So you wanna binge watch recent episodes of your favorite TV shows but you also want to stay in VR? Well, as of today that’s no longer a problem. Following in the footsteps of Netflix, today Hulu has entered into the VR streaming game.

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Video Apps on the Gear VR are now starting to mature a bit. Over the past year we have seen a variety of these streaming services start to pop up in the Oculus store. With the recent additions of Netflix and updates to the Oculus Video app it is becoming clear that video streaming and consumption is a big part the Gear VR platform. Last September it was announced that Hulu would also be producing an app for the Gear VR platform. The app was initially delayed until today that is when it seemed as if this just suddenly fell out of the sky!
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So what sets Hulu’s app apart from Netflix on the Gear VR? Well for starters, it is capable of full 360 video streaming where the Netflix app is still bound to the traditional 2D formats. The new Hulu app also comes with a variety of 360 video gathered from some of the largest producers of this type of content. included are features from major players such as Discovery and Nat Geo, as well as at least one original video directly produced by Hulu. Another notable difference is that for the time being Hulu’s VR offerings are free to everyone with or without a paid Hulu+ subscription. Netflix still requires users to be subscribed to its services in order to access anything in their app which only offers the Netflix standard catalog.
It seems as if traditional and 360 video streaming services are getting better with each new one that surfaces and I for one am glad to see Hulu make this transition. More content is always good right? and this will definitely add a lot more content… OK, time to get back to my VR Family Guy marathon!

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