Fox Sports VR and Livelike Bring Superbowl LI Highlights to VR

Lets face facts here… For the common person it is nearly impossible to get Super Bowl tickets these days. Unless you’re lucky or willing to make sacrifices like a first born child or shell out unholy amounts of money you are simply just not going to get the experience of going to see the big game live. Admittedly like most people, I prefer to watch the game from the comfort of my own home anyway but it would still be cool to witness the spectacle just once and now thanks to the FOX Sports VR mobile app I sort of could.


This past Sunday we witnessed history being made not only when Tom Brady lead his New England Patriots to the largest comeback in Superbowl history but also because for the first time parts of the Superbowl were broadcast in Virtual Reality courtesy of the Fox Sports VR app powered by Livelike. FOX Sports was able to broadcast Super Bowl highlights that were presented almost in real-time. To view these clips all it took was a mobile VR headset such as the Samsung Gear VR or one of the Google Daydream and Cardboard units. Using one of these VR headsets let viewers experience select clips throughout the game. Watchers were also treated to various camera angles such as a down on the field perspective from places like the end zones or at the 50 yard line as well as a view as if you were in one of the luxury sky boxes.

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This was truly a great way to take in highlights from the game as it was being played but unfortunately the entire game was not broadcast in virtual reality. Hopefully soon we will see the networks and VR broadcasters work out ways to make that happen! The highlights are still available for viewing in the Fox Sports VR app as of the writing of this article so if you are curious to see what this was like for yourself then head over to one of the links below and grab a copy. If you don’t happen to have a VR headset that is capable of running the app then have a look at the video linked below for a glimpse of what the experience was like.

You can grab a copy of the Fox Sports VR app here:

Gear VR



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