Frontier Launches Elite Dangerous: Arena

Alright Commanders, it’s time to strap in and engage in some close quarters combat! Get ready for the thrill of zooming through structures hot on the tail of your enemy as you rack up experience in one of the most thrilling expansions Elite Dangerous has seen since it was launched last year.
In my opinion, CQC: Close Quarters Combat Championship in Elite Dangerous was one of the best things Frontier has bestowed upon the game yet.  Last year CQC was added to Elite and this brought an entirely new level of awesome to the already fantastic space sim. But today this all became a lot more accessible. With Elite Dangerous: Arena, players who are not looking for the grandeur of the main branch of the game can now join in the fun and see what all the buzz surrounding Elite Dangerous is all about.
Elite Dangerous has always been a showcase game for VR. Flying my Star Fighter was truly one of the first true, “Oh Shit!” moments I had after getting my DK2. The scale and scope of this game with the addition of VR support was everything I had dreamed of while playing those space sims of old. For the first time I felt a bit of presence and couldn’t get enough. But as these types of games often do,

Elite started to get a bit tiresome with the every day tedium of making your way in the Galaxy. Constantly trading and grinding towards a larger and more powerful ship had started to lose its apeal. Soon however this changed when Frontier added a breath of fresh air to the game. CQC brought the familiar FPS style Death Match, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag modes that the game was sorely missing. Now it was just a click away to engage in some fast paced Pew-Pew action against other commanders across the globe.


So now with the addition of Arena, players who might not find long term grinding their cup of tea can inexpensively grab just the CQC portion of the game and engage is some fast paced PVP action. Arena is sold as a stand alone module featuring all the beauty and physics of the main game contained in tight slosed maps.You can get it on Steam for the low price of just $7.49.
If you still have yet to experience Elite Dangerous in VR then it is the right time to make the jump. Currently you can play in VR by either running the game through SteamVR or by running Oculus runtime 0.5 or 0.6 using extended mode. There has been some debate as to which method works best, but for those of us who are running Windows 10 and can no longer use the runtime switchers the SteamVR method works fine. I’ll see you on the battlefield Commanders O7
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