How to change Skins on HTC Vive devices in SteamVR

SteamVR has a nice bit of functionality with allows you to re-skin your HTC Vive devices. No doubt similar workshop mods will appear for other HMDs and peripherals as they are released.

What this instructional video below to learn how to download and change your base station, background, environment and controllers to something uniquely you!

BIG THANKS to LocoVR for making my skin. If you would like to have your own UKRifter controller skin then here you go – click to download.

But what if you want to create your own controller skin? Well you will be happy to know it is extremely easy.

First of all get hold of an image editor like photoshop – or actually photoshop if you like! My preferred editor is either the online program Pixlr or the free of charge application Gimp

The best way to create your own unique controller skin is to edit the existing default template.

1) Head to your Steam folder, your location may be different:
2) Make a copy of onepointfive_texture.png to onepointfive_texture_ORIGINAL.png – just in case you want to copy it back.
3) Open up onepointfive_texture.png in your image editor.
4) EDIT!

When you load up Steam VR, head to settings and set your controller skin to default and bob is your mother’s brother.