I Just Played Multiplayer Disc Golf In Virtual Reality!

“The tiled walls mock me as I ignorantly attempt to ricochet my disc into unknown quarters.. alas.. two throws in, I begin to see the faint glowing green that tells me I’m on the right path! Do I smell victory?? No.. Problem. I have only one throw left to make par and there are pillars in my direct path to the portal. Windows on each side I decide to lean left, just to the point before I am told that I can lean no further. I tilt my head 45 degrees to the right, just when it feels like the sweet spot. Nervously I put my disc in front of me and charge it to full capacity and release. I close my eyes.. seconds… minutes.. maybe days pass, I don’t know, nobody does. I open my eyes and see the words ‘PAR’ written in floating letters in front of my face. I had done it! I had passed the disc golf course and was crowned champion of all!” (Ok maybe that last sentence was a bit exagerrated)
Playing disc golf in virtual reality with friends is currently one of the most fun ways to pass the time while hanging out in AltSpaceVR. If you haven’t had the chance to check out social VR spaces then definitely give one of these games a try because these experiences are just the beginning of what is possible! Interacting with friends and new acquaintances has never been so easy, so simple, and so FUN!
This week I had the pleasure of jumping into AltSpaceVR with PrettyNeatVR (Billy) in order to check out a few of the new mini games that are available. Not only did we get a chance to meet some really cool people, but I had the pleasure of using Leap Motions new Orion Update integrated into the program in order to give me spot on hand tracking. The finger movement always pleases the virtual crowds.
***Side note if you are having trouble getting AltSpaceVR to run because of crashing issues go in your “Users..AppDataLocalopenvr” folder, and rename the “openvrpaths.vrpath” file to “openvrpaths_disabled.vrpath”. This will not break any steam vr apps, as this file is overwritten once a steamvr app begins. If this still does not fix your issue, go to help.altvr.com to send a support ticket.


The moment I entered AltSpaceVR I began to LiveStream on my YouTube channel. This allowed some of the community to give me direct feedback as well as get some of my friends in on the action who could not be there. Like always, my intentions did not go as planned and I spent nearly 30 minutes talking to VR community members in the lobby before we finally switched rooms and began playing some much awaited disc golf! This is one of the best parts of social VR spaces, they really are.. well.. social!


Jumping into the menu screen I noticed that there were choices to play other games as well like Air Hockey, and a new card based VR game called ‘Boss Monster’. Many of these experiences are still works in progress as far as getting all the bugs out of the system and making sure that all users are getting consistent experiences. Although I haven’t had a chance to play either Boss Monster or Air Hockey in VR, I am certain that I will spend plenty of time with them in the very near future. What makes all of these games within AltSpaceVR so appealing is simply the fact that you can seamlessly spend time with your friends while at the same time changing game environments. Somewhat like VRChat and it’s many rooms of wonder.
Image: AltSpaceVR Twitter

When you begin your first round of Disc Golf you first walk into the designated circle to receive your disc for that course. The course is never a straight shot so expect to use the physics of your disc as well as the ricocheting off the walls in order to get to the goal. The game works off of one button mechanics to throw the disc. The longer you hold the button, the farther you throw the disc! In order to aim you simply use your head.

What’s great is that many people can attack the course at once and if your like me than you will have a lot of fun using your leap motion hands in order to distract your friends!
The game does have a few flaws and not everything works the way it is supposed to. For example, Billy fell through the map at one point, and another player that we met said the same thing had happened to him. Another time when we were on one of the holes, Billy some how ricocheted his disc off of the platform and got it stuck on a ledge above our heads. It was pretty hilarious. After a few minutes we realized that you could reset the disc by selecting an option on the menu screen.
The mechanics of the disc are easy enough to learn but you have to be careful not to be too confident. The developers did a good job at making the disc pretty sensitive to your position and movement as well as how much power it has. Sometimes when I thought I had an easy shot I would embarrass myself.
Still more often then not the game did a good job of making me feel pretty bad-ass. When you shoot the disc across the map just right, it makes you feel like Mr. KinG ShiT. I honestly enjoyed myself the entire time and constantly wished I had more friends in at the same time to play with me.
I did have the nice surprise of running into Cymatic Bruce in the games lobby area, he was kind enough to give me some tips such as holding ‘right trigger’ while your are playing in order to cancel out the comfort mode and give the user control over his head with the thumbstick. He also slapped me a bit when I made fun of him for not being able to hang out with us in VR. What a great guy) I look forward to beating him in all of the mini games soon.
And yes this is most certainly a challenge! YOUR GOING DOWN BRUCE!
Lastly I had a few more .gifs that I wanted to show you all so I will list them down here. These are all from the stream that is linked above.



I had a lot of fun playing and I want to thank the developers Gaven and Jim for making such a fun and addicting experience. I look forward to a lot more laughs and fun with friends.
I hope you enjoyed this article! If you would like to be a part of the VR social space you don’t even need to own a headset. Just head on over to ALTVR.com and get hooked up with an account today!
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