SixenseVR Demos will work with your Razer Hydra!

Recently I found that I could use my Razer Hydra Controllers in tandem with the newer Sixense VR Demo’s and it is easily the most immersive fun I have had yet inside of a virtual reality headset!
Getting ready for the release of the STEM System Unit, which is said to be hitting backers hands this April, Sixense has released 5 VR Demos that are playable with their wireless motion tracking system. For those of you who are unaware, the STEM tracking system uses wireless motion technology on your body as well as the controllers. Because it is modular you can also attach units to other objects in your room and use them in developments.


Just like with Razer’s OSVR, The Sixense STEM System is an open platform driven by a robust developer community. This means that anyone can have access to their Sixense Core API as well as the Sixense SDK and Unity Integration’s! 

If you were someone who was lucky enough to pick up a Razer Hydra over the last several years than you’ll be happy to know that the Hydra is also compatible with the STEM System SDK. That’s right, this means that you can play all new STEM games and Demo’s with your Razer Hydra’s! Unfortunately if you are using a Hydra Controller than you will still have to be careful not to become tangled in your cables and be sure not to move the base whilst in VR, you WILL get a headache!


The first thing I did after playing through each demo was bring my wife into the room and make her play them as well. They really are that much fun! Because my wife can become queasy easily in VR I try to only let her experience the smoother more chill experiences. Luckily, all of the demos run extremely smooth and without judder issues. Also, because you are using motion controllers your brain is much more in tune with your virtual environment and you feel more presence then you would without them. This allows your brain to feel more connected to the virtual world and thus much less sick than experiences that do not allow any time of hand tracking or control tracking.

In this video my wife plays through the Shooting Gallery, Slash, & Archery


Start off by picking up your bow and pulling an invisible arrow from over your shoulder before going crazy on all sorts of targets, including balloons, sea creatures, and TNT. hint: use the fire*


Begin by choosing your favorite color combination for your saber swords and find the little pesky robot. Once you’ve locked eyes he will begin to fire at you! Train LUKE SKYWALKER!


Do you like Guns? Enjoy shooting a desert eagle in a target range with several practice option available. Ammo on your left, gun holstered to the right. Flip your left wrist for menu options.


Personally I found this one the most difficult to master. Although it is a very simple concept, “hit the ball”, I found myself spending a long time in order to get the right form.


This is the sleeper of the group! The one I cared the least about is simply one that I look forward to in the future. I can’t wait for multiplayer VR putt putt golf! So much fun!

“That’s really cool Caleb, but how do we find these demos so we can play them ourselves?!?”

In order to receive the STEM System software or demos you originally had to be one of the kickstarter backers or preorder the device. A few months ago the software was made public online and for unknown reasons seems to have disappeared from the internet altogether. A little over a month ago I made contact with Sixense and told them that I would like to use their demos as well as their SDK for some future developments that I am working on within Unity. Within a few days I had a response and downloaded the files that were sent to me.

Since this is an open platform I have linked the software from Google Drive. I hope you enjoy it! My belief is that we should all be sharing this technology and helping each other with our developments. The best way to push this industry forward is to support each other and to share as much knowledge as possible. Hopefully this article and its contents are helpful to you, if there is something about the STEM System software in general that you would like to ask me feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help you if I can.

Here is a quick video of fellow spy ‘Game Hard 4.0’ playing them as well!

Thanks a lot for checking out this article! I hope you found it interesting and informative! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments either below or on one of my social outlets! I really appreciate it. Also, if you think that you have something article worthy let me know! I love collaborating with the community! Thanks again!

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