48 Hours In Virtual Reality

Could You Spend 48 Hours In Virtual Reality?

“One tiny task for VR man, One GIANT feat for VR mankind!”

Thorsten Wiedemann is a very brave man indeed. Founder and Artistic Director for the “A MAZE Festival” at the Game Science Center in Berlin, he recently spent two full days immersed in the chaos of our current generation of VR experiences.
With the help of his “VR Shaman” Sara Vogl, Thorsten was able to experience a myriad of different games and experiences. At times when he was not actively engaging with fellow VRbro’s in AltSpaceVR or VRChat he would relax in a specially designed zen room where he could enjoy simple scenery, and of course eat or sleep at his leisure.
Apparently not everything went smoothly for Thorsten during his 48 hour trial. After about seven hours of flying through dream-like worlds he began having a panic attack that took him completely by surprise. Luckily it did not take long for Thorsten to calm down and he soon decided that he would try to sleep two and a half hours each day in order to keep his sanity from taking a beating. After about 20 hours everything visual began looking flat and simple. He yearned for more depth and immersion but unfortunately for him the lack of having noise-cancelling headphones allowed the cacophony from the festivals other vendors as well as the passerby’s to utterly destroy the presence and immersion that Thorsten had hoped to achieve during his 48 hours in the HTC Vive.

The role that Thorsten and his team played will no doubt improve the VR community as a whole. Information detailing human and hardware potential as well as it’s limitations will be key for the future of VR developments.


Personally there is not an experience to-date that I can think of that would make me want to sit in a VR HMD for more than a few hours at a time. As I said in the video, Elite Dangerous is comfortable enough for me to spend 3+ hours but really anymore than that I believe is too much. Maybe in the future when we have higher resolution displays and quicker persistence I will think differently, until then current technology is still good enough to create life changing experiences but only for short periods at a time. I do not see people spending days in VR for many years to come if ever, unfortunately we humans still need to eat and use the restroom every once in awhile. 🙂
What do you think? Will there ever be an actual reason to spend more than 24 hours in Virtual Reality?
Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!Want to connect with Thorsten on social media? 

                                                                                            Thorsten S Wiedemann


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    That's pretty cool!

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    Ahmagawrd I don't think I've ever seen a more annoying youtube guy (the guy doing the intro) in ever.

    Please stop with the yo yo crap.

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      thats like… your opinion man.

      Well Mr. Unknown I have to agree with you! The y0-y0 intro annoys me to pieces as well! This is why I did it mockingly and even had the foresight to say that it was quote "terrible" within the video. Still… Thanks for taking the time to post! Happy to know someones reading! 😀

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    Yeah, it's ironic humour dude, but thanks for coming by.

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