OSVR HDK 2 Ships August 12th at $399!

OSVR HDK (hacker development kit) 2 is shipping by August 12th at a low price point of $399. If ordered by July 28th, Descent: Underground, and Radial G:Racing Revolved will be included for free.

This newest iteration will include 360-degree positional tracking at 100hz using an IR camera, dual 2160×1200 low persistence OLED display (441PPI), and IQE technology.

Head on over to RazerZone to place your order!

Check out Descent: Underground and Radial G below!




The VRSpies are very excited about this launch and will be bringing you an in depth look at the device and its capabilities soon so stay tuned for more info!

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Brought to you by Billy Brandon (Pretty Neat VR) of the VRSpies

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