A Quick Review: Evil Robot Traffic Jam HD 

Evil Robot Traffic Jam HD, developed by Element Games,  is a quirky but highly addicting tower defense game built from the ground up for VR. It’s vibrant colors almost give it a Pixar-esque style similar to Cars. Each level was beautifully crafted, and the scale gives a somewhat God-like feel, while the player oversees and plays their part in the chaotic traffic jams.  logo

With multiple levels, a wide selection of different upgradable towers, special weapons, enemies, and epic boss battles, there definitely isn’t a lack of fun to be had. There is plenty of strategy and quick thinking needed to succeed at ridding the Evil Robots. It’s good for those who are new to VR, as well as the seasoned VR gamer. Currently the game is priced at $11.99 on steam. Be sure to check this one out!


Brought to you by Billy Brandon (Pretty Neat VR) of the VRSpies

Headshot1A VR youtube personality, writer, and indie filmmaker. Billy has a keen interest in the many avenues of media. With virtual reality entertainment at the top of his list, Billy seeks to exploit his knowledge and adventures in VR, to help introduce the medium to the unknowing. Through the use of his youtube channel, Pretty Neat VR, he is able to showcase different VR developer projects, as well as cooperative experiences with The VR Bro’s. On the side, he enjoys motorcycles and dabbling in Unity and 3d modeling.

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