Vorpx Confirms User Created profiles are coming soon!!

I have been a huge fan of VR Injection drivers for some time now. They add unofficial Virtual Reality profiles for a lot of unsupported games.  Injection drivers can add full stereoscopic 3D and  positional head tracking to some games with a huge amount of options and settings to tweak.
Vorpx’s supported games list is extensive but currently limited to the profiles created by Ralf at Vorpx. Updates to Vorpx usually include a couple of new game profiles as well as various other improvements in the software. It has been possible to “Hack” some games to support by renaming game files but this is less than ideal.
Ralf recently confirmed that he will be adding the option for users to add their own profiles and even further options will potentially be provided to ” a select group of users with some experience”
It is worth noting that users generally need to spend some time to dial in your settings for each game profile to work well. Some games work beautifully and are really amazing experiences with Vorpx. This is fantastic news, stay tuned for more VR related content on VRSpies.com
For full information on this be sure to check out the attached video below:

Vorpx is available for purchase from here

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