KISMET VR Fortune Telling Experience for consumer headsets

First of all let me confess that I initially did not expect too much from this experience. I am not an avid reader of horoscopes nor do I read too deeply into Star Signs, in fact I believe in the wise words of Sarah Connor that there is “No Fate but what we make” ha ha

What did excite me though was the chance to test out my new HTC Vive headset with fully tracked motion controls. Kismet looks jaw droppingly beautiful, it really does. The whole experience is full to the brim with intricate hand made assets. Your eyes are immediately drawn to inspect the interesting environment design and Kismet does indeed spark that sense of wonder. The HTC Vive controllers give you the freedom to reach into the world and interact in a completely natural way which really adds to the experience.

Kismet is intended to bescreenshot_kismet_004 (2) a short experience that you come back to rather than a Triple A block buster that you sink 100+ hours into and the price reflects that. Kismet is available to purchase on Steam for the reasonable sum of £4.99 ($6.99 US)

If this interests you please feel free to follow the below link to my video (available to watch in Full Stereo 3D):


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