What’s all this fuss about Virtual Reality Injection Drivers??

Virtual Reality Injection Drivers have had their fair amount of time in the VR spotlight for the last couple of years. To be honest the reception they have received has been both good and bad.
So let’s just take a moment to talk about
Virtual Reality Injection Drivers overall….
What are they?  What do they do?? And what is all the fuss about???


VR Injection Drivers add a way to play a lot of games from your existing back catalogue in Virtual Reality and in many cases add full 3D support and even postional tracking.
That sounds fucking amazing right? So what is this bad press I am talking about then?
Getting your favourite games up and running in VR is not always straight forward….. and even then there may be some further work required to get everything working well.
Injection Virtual Reality really is game specific to be honest. By this I mean that some games WILL require you to jump through some hoops where as others are relatively painless to run and start straight off the bat.
Vorpx works with DX9, 10 and 11 and costs about the same price as a game. Vireio Perception currently only supports DX9 BUT will be updating to support dx 10 and 11 very soon. Vireio is and always will be free software made in a community driven project
A lot of people will be paying a lot of money…. and  I mean A LOT of fucking money to get their hands on a Consumer Vierual Reality Headset AND a gaming rig powerful enough to run at recommended settings.
After shelling out vast sums of cash a lot of these budding enthusiasts just want it to work.
and you know what … There is knothing wrong with that and I can fully understand it. Native VR title as in… GAMES BUILT FOR VR will be (or at least should be) plug and play experiences.
So why should anyone bother fucking about with injection drivers when they can just pick up proper VR supported games and play.
Thats a good question, I will try to explain this from my personal VR journey and my experience using Vorpx and Vireio Perception.


First of all If you are willing to spend a bit of time to dial in your settings the experiences can be truly mind blowing. Some of my favourite experiences in Virtual Reality have been when using injection drivers.You have full access to all mannor of settings from convergence, depth, world scale, head tracking sensitivity and equally important field of view.Once dialled in games can feel like they were actually designed to be played in VR…. in fact some experiences have been breath taking.
Games like SKYRIM and FALLOUT have been stand out titles for me because of the huge living breathing worlds that Bethesda has lovingly crafted, add in mod support as well only adds to the experience.
Actually feeling like you are there in these vast open worlds freely exploring the environments,
NPC’s that really feel like they are right there with you. Sight seeing taking in the grand beautiful architecture to the scary caves and tunnels. Thinking about my Vr time spent there actualy feel like memories of actual events.
I remember the vast ceilings of Dragons reach, the size of the feasting table, I clearly remember the Jarls face dimly lit from the fire pit as the shadows flicker across his face. I also think back to the journeys that I have shared with Jericho and Dogmeat in Fallout.
Actually starting to build bonds of trust with Pixels sounds absurd but this is exactly what started to happen.
These are some very special memories. For the short amount of time spent to get the games working well for me at least Injection VR has been 100% worth it.



***All images were from sourced websites.***


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