Taking Control in VR

Looking back over the past three years in virtual reality, I’ve had some crazy adventures, from cowering under a desk fearing for my life in “Alien Isolation” to driving a truck across Europe on a beautiful summers day in “Euro Truck Simulator”.
Out of all the VR experiences I’ve had so far I would definitely have to say that cockpit based games such as racers & flight simulators are leading the way. There are many great titles coming to consumer VR and when it comes to these two genres there are plenty that you can try out now, although at the moment due to the development there can be some changing of runtimes required to do so. The rewards of doing so outweigh the effort.


Ok, that’s great, I’m sat in the Ferrari LaFerrari in Assetto Corsa or the cockpit of a vulture in Elite Dangerous, I can look all round my beautifully rendered 3D environment leaning in and out to take in the ‘shineys’ like the carbon fiber and the stitching of the upholstery. Then the race starts or you fly into a dogfight and some one hands you a joypad and the whole thing just falls apart, this should come as no surprise as both Oculus, HTC & OSVR are all bringing  motion controllers to their VR HMDs. These controllers such as the “Oculus Touch” as well as HTC’s “Lighthouse” are fantastic for some games but when talking about flight & driving games they are about as much use as a chocolate tea pot.


So that brings me to peripherals and to the newcomer the peripherals market can be a daunting place, but I can assure you taking that first step with a new wheel and pedals or HOTAS will change the way your VR titles feel to the point you will never look back. So lets take a brief look at what’s out there.



Driving Force Shifter
Logitech G29
Logitech G920


T3 PA PRO Pedals
T300 RS
TFlight Hotas X
HOTAS Warthog


Club Sport Wheel Base V2
Porsche R918 Wheel
Club Sport Shifter
Club Sport V3 Pedal



X 52 Flight Stick
X 52 Pro Flight
Pro Flight X55 Rhino


There is a entire range of products out there to suit all, as this is only a brief look at whats out there but you can easily enhance your gaming experience with something to suit your budget.
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One thought on “Taking Control in VR

  • January 28, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Bought myself a Thrustmaster T-Flight X HOTAS last week and it's fantastic. It was as cheap as chips too, only cost me £23.81 :Oo

    Next on my list (after I've got my monster GPU and Oculus Rift in May/June and Novemeber respectively) is a Thrustmaster T150 Steering Wheel.

    The T-Flight is fine resting on my lap whilst playing Elite Dangerous but I'll be building myself a DIY sterring wheel mount from PVC piping and a bit of wood after I've got my T150. SHould be easy enough to do I reckon.

    Great site by the way guys!


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