Sublevel Zero


Sublevel Zero is a first-person virtual reality, six-degree-of-freedom shooter set in a universe where reality has been turned on its head. Step into the VR cockpit of your gunship and navigate your way through a labyrinth of procedurally-generated 3D levels, puzzles and foes to source valuable ancient artefacts. Explore deep into a massive underground facility in your mission to loot and craft ancient tech which holds the key to your survival.

Sublevel zero really took me back to the early 90’s, bringing back fond memories of games like Descent and Forsaken, but this time with all the virtual reality bells & whistles. Every laser pulse and every decision counts as you navigate each hazard before it is too late. The focus is on survival and ammunition is scarce so you will need to strengthen your tactics, adaptability and skill in order to survive enemy encounters.


  • Classic 6-degree-of-freedom combat, driven by modern looting and crafting
  • An unforgiving roguelike core of procedural generation and permadeath
  • Stylised low-poly, pixel art aesthetics
  • Oculus Rift support
  • 8-bit inspired sound design and soundtrack


As far as the VR implementation goes sublevel zero is coming along very nicely, the scale of the cockpit and the game world its self are spot on the money. The use of retro styled low-poly graphics with high quality lighting and shaders lend them self very well to VR. Although the game is now available on steam the VR implementation is still work in progress, but if you are looking for some fast paced virtual reality first person shooting action this is definitely worth having in you games library.
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